Rebranding, new strategy and office in Moscow

Nasonov Pirogov Law Firm announces its rebranding, new development strategy and new office in Moscow. These are the key events in 2023 that will mark our history and the beginning of a new era for our team, our clients, and partners.

Alexey Nasonov and Roman Pirogov spoke about significant changes in 2023.

About the rebranding.
“Firm's rebranding includes changing the name, logo, corporate identity, launching a new website, as well as updating internal and external communications. We strive to make our company more recognizable, modern, and professional. The updated visual identity reflects our ambition, an individual approach to self-determination and vision of our place in the market, our readiness to develop innovative solutions and our commitment to the values and principles of our profession.”

About the new strategy.
"Strategic renewal of the firm involves précised expertise, more value for clients and being even closer to the team. As a part of the new strategy, we will focus on balance between conflict and constructive practices. Our new positioning is a clear vision of firm as a team of litigation and investment lawyers who can be entrusted with both the role of a defender and a command center in complex and extraordinary legal projects, as well as the role of a trusted consultant and risk administrator in transactions with private capital and business assets. Specially we will outline firm’s managing defaulted or stressed assets practice, which involves working at the junction of litigation and M&A."
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About the office in Moscow.
"Firm’s Moscow office is a new milestone and a solid future investment for all of us. This is a conscious exit from our comfort zone in a period of global instability, test of our strength and a real action, instead of words, answering ourselves "Who are we?" and "Where are we going?" This is a true, clear proof that regional firm can be and is competitive on the global Russian market. We felt this over the past two years, working on several global projects, and we put it to the test, just as almost 7 years ago we tried to test whether we would be able to build a dream law firm from scratch, without having a past in the profession and in business behind us.

Konstantin Pogrebezhskiy, a new partner of the firm, who joined the team in 2023 and before that – led the legal department of a large industrial holding, agreed to help us with this initiative."

About the team.
"The team and everyone who shares our path have always been the core of our movement towards success. We are proud that almost everyone who joined firm as paralegals the first months and year we started, are still with us. Now they are the senior lawyers and forwards of our team: Valeria Teryukhova, Daria Smolina, Maxim Volkov. Of course, we grew a lot over the past year, both qualitatively and quantitatively (more than twice). And with everyone, no matter assistant, or a partner, we strive to match not only professionally, but personally, having the same values and caring of the same in life and people. This is the only way to build effective and harmonious cooperation, a long-term career track, and a honest, respectful atmosphere."

About values.
"The market, clients, partners, competitors, people in general always subconsciously feel your fear, insecurity, your run and hide from responsibility. And decisions we made along the way were aimed to demonstrate the world: we were, are, and will be committed to values from the day the firm started: faith in our choice, responsibility for its results, the team as a priority in making administrative decisions, and love for law as the meaning of everything we do."